Quick mental fixes!


I’ve had my fair share of mental health struggles- rock bottom for me was having post natal depression. I got through that with anti-depressants, my psychiatrist, and the love and support of my family and friends.

Now I’m far more aware of looking after my mental health and I’m more mindful of the symptoms that might take me back down that rocky path of anxiety.

And I’m also alert to techniques that I can use in my everyday life to keep my on a mainly level keel.

A few weeks ago I met a wonderful woman, Chelsea Pottinger, who has turned her own mental health struggles into a force for good through her business EQ Minds.

Along with Chelsea, I also meet some other inspiring women through the Business Chicks events- Make This Your Year. I’m talking about you Canna Campbell and Moana Hope.

Canna Campbell, Chelsea Pottinger, Moana Hope and m

Canna Campbell, Chelsea Pottinger, Moana Hope and m

This is what Chelsea taught me:

1) Don’t look at your phone when you first wake up in the morning.

2) Take 90 seconds in your day to focus on your breathing. Don’t do that shallow, chest breathing. Take your breath way down to your stomach.

3) Be grateful. At the end of each day take a few moments to think/write/say out loud just three things that you’re grateful for. (Mine were- my girls, my husband and my blue hair)

Of course these user friendly tips aren’t useful if you’re going through severe mental illness. And beyondblue has the most incredible resources and tips as a starting point for mental health concerns. But Chelsea’s advice is wonderful for the ‘worried well’- which I now include myself in. Her simple tips don’t cost a fortune, don’t take up much time but they’ve helped me.

What helps you?