Cat of the Week loves the sink!

Look at that paw!

Look at that paw!

Meet Gigi our squeaky clean Cat of the Week!

She is just chilling in the sink putting on her purrfect model pose. I get the feeling that Gigi is ready to swipe you with those manicured paws if you dare attempt to wash your hands!

It has been another frantic week for our feline friends with many of them celebrating International Cat Day. (if their owners remembered!)

It was just me on the #craphousewifecats judging panel this week as my daughters have been too busy watching how to make slime videos on Youtube.

Keep posting those fabulous pics to Instagram with the hashtag #craphousewifecats .

And I'd also love some good, clean cat jokes! We have a segment on Studio 10 called Joke of the Day and I need some hilarious material.

Unfortunately my joke of 'What do cats read in the morning?'


Didn't get the thumbs up yesterday (although the nine year old I met at Westfield Shopping Centre today loved it!!)

See you soon crazy cat ladies! xx