What Freud can teach us about Cat of the Week.

Oh Timmy, you're so fine!

Oh Timmy, you're so fine!

Sigmund Freud was spot on when he said, 'Time spent with cats is never wasted'. 

Indeed as Timmy, our Cat of the Week winner, so handsomely shows that nothing is wasted when you wear a pink sparkly bow. 

That glittery bow sealed the win! So Timmy's human can expect some fabulous jewellery from our friends at ErstWilder.  

Indeed I wish we could send all of our #craphousewifecats a prize. But here's a special shout out to a couple more cats that caught the eye of the Rowe-Overton family.  

Keep posting those beautiful pictures of your feline friends to Instagram with the hashtag #craphousewifecats.

I have a fabulous prize on offer for next week too!