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One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady

Denise Drysdale and Jessica Rowe are two Aussie TV icons and best friends. Now, they are pressing ‘record’ on their revealing conversations where they compare their very personal, hilarious and candid tales of family, work, relationships and all the bits in between that we call ‘life’. Recorded live at Jessica’s dining table, One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady is a rollercoaster ride of unfiltered conversations that will illuminate, uplift and entertain every week.

”OMG you ladies are just the bee’s knees. Can’t wait for each episode as you release them. I’m hooked.”
★★★★★★ Lynxlindy

”I can’t wait for the next one, I’ll be making sure i have my cup of tea like I am just there within you both having a great chat.”
★★★★★★ MidwayBlonde

”What a breath of fresh air Jess and Denise are. Funny, warm and authentic. This puts a spring in my step! Thanks to you both.”
★★★★★★ thatguyinmelbourne

”Ding Dong and Jess - about time Australia has it’s own Abbott & Costello! Keep it up girls, can’t wait for the next episode. Best thing since sliced cheese.”
★★★★★★ Buuboons

”A casual podcast which feels like you’re chatting with old friends. Doesn’t pretend to change the world, but helps you escape it with a smile. Thanks ladies.”
★★★★★★ Jealous Melbournian

”Seriously! Two of the most beloved women in Australia. God bless you! Seriously laugh out loud moments. Thank you both so much, just what I needed.”
★★★★★★ misstaniax


Community Service

Best friends and podcast buddies Jess and Denise Drysdale hit the streets of Sydney to spread some cheer and joy, and to help Sydneysiders where they can. Can you guess what Jess and Denise are dressed as?