The Real Dirty Dancing


Sexy isn’t a word I would use to describe myself. Silly, stubborn, sparkly and smart is more my speed.

However I had to confront that four letter word that I’d pushed away, forgotten under piles of laundry and routine, when it came to filming ‘The Real Dirty Dancing.’

‘Come to Kellerman’s!’ the producers said, ‘and relive the iconic moments from the film. You’ll have fun! It will be a joyous recreation of the film that is loved by so many people.’

‘Okay, well that sounds easy enough,’ I replied.

So I packed my cat patterned dance wear and glittery, gold sneakers and blindly joined seven other brave souls who had also decided to leave their more sensible selves behind and embrace the genre of reality television.

I’ve never done reality tv before, my comfort zone has been firmly anchored in live television. What I love about live telly is that it all unfolds in ‘real time’. There’s no waiting, you’re on and then you live to film another brand new day.

Reality is a totally different beast and the days became a blur of uncertainty as you’re never sure what is going to be thrown at you next. And I turned out to be the ‘ideal’ candidate for this style of entertainment. Why? Well I never do anything in a half hearted way, I’m vulnerable as I wear my embellished heart on my sleeve.

All it takes is the seemingly innocent question from the cameraman of ‘what are you finding hard?’ for my voice to start quivering and then the tears aren’t far behind.

And what did I find hard? Accessing that sexy part of myself that I hadn’t realised that I had lost sight of over the past couple of years. My life has been about taking care of everyone else and I had forgotten about that woman who was still shimmering beneath those layers of responsibility.

By literally stripping off those layers and dancing in my undies on national television I found that person is still there even though it’s ‘soooooo embarrassing’ for my daughters.

Dancing with CJ my professional dance partner! Couldn’t have done it without him.

Dancing with CJ my professional dance partner! Couldn’t have done it without him.