Who hates homework?

Jigsaw puzzles are good for my brain NOT homework!

Jigsaw puzzles are good for my brain NOT homework!

'Homework- the teachers' way of working out how smart the parents are!'

I discovered this quote when I was googling 'how to do the number line' . The 'number line' being the way that kids now learn how to add up, subtract and do long division in class.

And although I was good at maths at school, I had no idea of how to explain this way of doing sums to my daughter. 

Homework is an absolute punish for parents and their kids and for many teachers as well. 

I must admit I didn’t appreciate how many teachers weren’t fans of homework until I posted that homework quote recently onto my insta account. And it attracted one of the highest number of comments I have got to a post!

Many of you wrote to me explaining that it took up far too much of your time to mark all the homework.

'I'm a teacher and I hate it too... Some parents actually complain if you don't give enough.'

Who are you parents? And why? Don't our kids have enough to do at school? I’d much rather get our kids singing, dancing and leaping around outside after school instead of sitting over more books.

We also have a permanent shortage of sharpened pencils and Smiggle rubbers. It doesn't matter how many I buy, I can never find a pencil when we need to do the dreaded homework.

I was also relieved to read a lot of comments from parents who try not to get stressed about the homework. One mother says her only homework 'rule' is that her kids need to read a book!

That is something that I can definitely manage! (especially if it means I can read one at the same time)

Now I should get back to that number line! 

But I’d love to hear how you survive homework..