The purr-fect cats eye.

Photo by Alice Mahran for  Beauticate

Photo by Alice Mahran for Beauticate

Forget about contouring, keep it simple when it comes to make up!

Who else is over that over-contoured, caked on look that seems to dominate so many insta beauty feeds?

Perhaps I'm late to this powder party but thanks to my two daughters obsession with everything with a capital K, I keep seeing all this vile make up. 

'Pleeeeease Mummy, can I get the Kylie Jenner lip kit?', says Miss Eleven going on seventeen.

'No! She's not a good role model...'

'But she has her own business, she's a mum, and everyone else has that lip kit!'

'Who is this everyone??'

So after three hours of a variation of this conversation and promises about going to bed when she's told, and doing homework, I'm worn down in a moment of weakness.

'Okay, okay...'

'Mum, are you listening? Are you paying attention? Are you really saying I can have the Kylie lip kit??'

'Wait a minute, no, you can't!' I said, standing my ground. (I then went down the rabbit hole about why you don't want to grow up to be a Kardashian)

I've got no problems about my girls experimenting with make-up, but I do want to steer them in the right direction!

Here are my top tips (for grown ups and hopefully my growing girls will adopt them over the years)

1. Glitter is good for you! Ignore the beauty advice that glitter is best left for teenagers and twenty somethings. Urban Decay have the best liquid glitter eyeliner. At the moment I'm wearing Midnight Cowboy and Spandex versions (not at the same time) Revlon also do a sparkle larkle eyeliner, one end is the liner, the other a wet eyeshadow. You can wear them together or on their own. And don't leave this look simply for night time. I love wearing it for school pick up!

2. Don't tattoo your eyebrows. The thick black Texta look doesn't do you any favours. Instead colour in your brows with something softer. The ideal shortcut for me, Benefit Foolproof brow powder.

3. Keep your foundation light. The older I get, the lighter I go, as a heavy base just gets stuck in your wrinkles and makes you look older. Tinted moisturiser and a concealer for the under eye bags and pesky adult acne is the way to go. I'm a recent convert to Clinique's Foundation stick, as you can just put it where you need to, without wearing a mask of make up.

4. Bronzing powder on your cheeks or cream blush works a treat. Just build it up gradually as I've been guilty of getting carried away and end up looking like one of those laughing clowns from Luna Park. Mac has a gorgeous mineralize blush and I have always been a huge fan of Stila's convertible cream blush.

5. Anything with a cat on it is purrfect! I have a collection of lipsticks, blush and eyeshadow from Paul and Joe sister that have the best cat designs on them. I'm also loving using Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co's new black liquid eyeliner which has a perfect thin tip for a neat cat's eye. It also has a collection of eyeshadows in a gorgeous cat case!

What are you go to beauty habits? Would love to hear about them!