Botox, Beetroot and Boobs


Everyone needs a little 'enhancement' - and for me, that means sprinklings of Botox!

In this podcast, Neesy and I talk about plastic surgery, and the more 'peculiar' places people are looking to have rejuvenated! 

Somehow we manage to veer onto the issue of making the perfect sandwich and the secret of a good pickle!!

Neither of us quite know where our conversation is going to take us each week- but what we do know is that it's going to be fun!

Thank you for spreading the word about our 'One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady', podcasts. And keep all your questions coming!

Listen to episode nineteen, "Bootox, Beetroot anf Boobs," below or on Apple PodcastGoogle PlayWhooskaaTuneIniHeart RadioPodbean and Stitcher.