Kenwood Queen!

Now this is exciting!

Now this is exciting!

Do not adjust your screens - it's me and a kitchen appliance!

I'm excited to be an ambassador for the Kenwood Multi Smart. What is that you might ask? It's a super duper appliance that cooks, chops, slow cooks and turns even the most ordinary cook (well I'm a terrible cook) into someone who can plate up meals that the whole family will eat and enjoy!

Just the other night I made chicken casserole in the KMS. It tasted delish, plus my youngest daughter loved helping out with the preparation and pushing of buttons. 

The other part of the KMS that I love is the free recipe app, which you download onto your device. It means you have a choice of heaps of recipes with varying degrees of difficulty. Not surprisingly I'm starting with the easy ones. 

Once you decide on a recipe, simply select, and all the ingredients are listed on your device. This reduces the risk of forgetting what you need at the supermarket!

Some other meals that I whipped up on the KMS! Chicken stir fry! (and it's not soggy) And because my youngest made this with me she happily ate ALL the veggies. I've also made a chicken curry and a pumpkin soup. Already my cooking repertoire is being expanded from mince dishes.

And take a look at these pancakes... I can't believe I made them! (well with the help of the KMS)


I know the KMS on the pricey side but it's replaces all of your kitchen appliances. And the other bonus for me, the large cooking bowl and the other components of the appliance go into the dishwasher. Winning all round.

This article has been sponsored by Kenwood.