Wanderlust: How Travel Gives You a Taste for Adventure.

This woman cannot sit still!

This woman cannot sit still!

Everyone remembers their first great adventure!

Neesy and I share our memories about how travel has changed our lives. My postcard is from Germany where I had my flirtation with 'modelling'. Vietnam is the place where Neesy had the most extraordinary time performing for the troops during two 'tours of duty'. She still has a close connection with 'the boys from Vietnam'. You won't want to miss her tales about that period in history.

But our podcast wouldn't be complete without a few digressions, this time we debate the difference between a Jatz and a Savoy biscuit. What I think you would agree on is that we're both a bit 'jatz crackers', and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy listening to 'One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady'...

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