Pelvic Floor and the Kitchen Benchtop.


Okay One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady fans- our latest podcast has landed on the back of a magical unicorn this week!

This rainbow creature was a gorgeous farewell pressie from the audience at Studio 10, and it now has pride of place in my backyard! (my daughters have named her 'audience')

In our latest podcast, Neesy and I talk about what the sound of an audience clapping does to her ears, along with numerous other 'health' matters we're dealing with...

We veer from sharing our ailments some more serious than others and reveal some unusual uses for the kitchen bench top!

You're never quite sure what you'll hear from us (and sometimes neither are we).

Thank you for all of your love and support for our podcast, and for keeping us in the top 10 comedy podcasts in Australia!! (Wow-weeeeeee)

Keep your thoughts coming, we love your feedback on our adventures.

Until next week, happy listening,

Love Jess and Neesy xxx.

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