Podcast Pals!

Ding Dong and I (oohhh I love her ponytail!)

Ding Dong and I (oohhh I love her ponytail!)

The joy of friendship comes in all shapes, sizes and at surprising times in your life!

Neesey and I formed a special bond after we first met working on Studio 10 together. No one makes me laugh like she does. And I don't know anyone with a kinder, more generous heart.

Plus I don't know anyone as obsessed with keeping everything neat and tidy! She sorts out my fridge, pantry and has introduced my family and I to the magic of panko breadcrumbs.

We make an unlikely couple but we share a love of cats, laughter, and chatting and chatting and chatting...

The pair of us want to share those chats with you. Some of our stories are serious, others silly! But we can promise you that our One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady podcasts will be full of surprises as we share our different approaches to life each week.

You can listen to our first episode "Let's Start at the Beginning" below or on Apple Podcasts.