Cat party!

Violet turns one!

Violet turns one!

Every crazy cat family needs to celebrate their cat(s) birthdays!

Violet turned one recently.  My youngest daughter, Giselle, decided to made her a cake and organized a huge birthday party!!!! (she added those exclamation marks)

She also discovered a special cat cupcake recipe on Buzzfeed. (young people these days...)

Here's the recipe:

Ingredients: One large egg, all purpose flour, grated cheese of your cats choice, 1 medium can of tuna, cooking spray (this made three cupcakes, one for each of our cats).

Method: Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Put half of the can of tuna in a small bowl, next add one and a half tablespoons of flour. Then take a pinch of grated cheese and sprinkle over the mixture. Now crack a egg and separate out the egg white and add the egg white into the mixture. Put in the remaining tuna and mix everything together.

Using a muffin tray spray the cooking oil to stop the cakes from sticking (We used patty cases instead). Fill muffin tray with cake mixture and place in the oven. Cook for 15 minutes.

Once the cat cakes are cooked remove from the oven and put them on a plate to cool. Add a candle or whatever decoration takes you and your cats fancy.

Strangely, Violet is a fan of Greek yoghurt, so we iced her cake with that!

Success rate: 2 out of our 3 cats loved the cat cupcakes! Alfie and Daisy inhaled their cakes while unfortunately Violet (the birthday cat) was overwhelmed by all the attention and lost her appetite!

Check out our progress in the kitchen!

How do you celebrate your feline friends festivities? Would love to see what you do!