Cat(s) of the Week!

Cheshire and Dolly.

Cheshire and Dolly.

These cats like to hide in boxes!

Lets give two cheers to this pair of cats who are the fine winners of Cat of the Week. Allegra was my guest judge and she was especially taken with Cheshire's extra long, white whiskers. And I couldn't go past the name of his gal pal Dolly Purrton!!

And the team here at received a flurry of entries which meant I had to enlist, Alfie, Daisy and then my Petee to help process all the entrants.

Check out the four runners up that jumped out at Alfie, Daisy and Petee!

Thank you for all your sensational snaps of your cats doing what they do best! Remember to enter Cat of the Week all you need to do is post your purrfectly posed picture on Instagram with the hashtag #craphousewifecats.

A big thank you again to our feline friends at ErstWilder, who will be sending some of their cute cat jewellery out to Cheshire and Dolly's human family.

Until next week cat lovers!! xx


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