Bella is our Cat of the Week

Bella is a boy!

Bella is a boy!

Although Bella looks mighty miffed to be photographed for Cat of the Week, it was impossible to go past the pristine coat and majestic air!

According to her sometime owner Trinity, this Persian Prince, originally came to their family as a 'girl' but later they discovered that Bella was a he.

Not surprisingly, Bella has run of the house and deems who can pat him and will deliver a quick swipe of the paws if he's had enough affection for the moment.

And I seized the moment after homework and before teeth cleaning to get Allegra to supervise the selection of runners up for this week.

Daisy decided to be in charge of the mouse!

Since our ragdoll Daisy loves to loll around all day these chilled out cats really made her purr...

Hope you have a purrfectly relaxing weekend coming up too!! And I still have my paws and heels crossed about exciting plans coming up for Cat of the Week.

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