Calling all Supermodel cats!

Jeffrey and Professor Gizmo

Jeffrey and Professor Gizmo

Our Cat(s) of the Week are two plush looking Persians.

Congratulations Jeffrey and Professor Gizmo- I know your Mama @jeffrey_gizmo will be so proud.

You will soon have a gift pack of goodies coming your way from our fabulous friends at Petbarn.

Jeffrey and the Professor have purr-fected the insolent pout worn by supermodels in all the top fashion mags.

Meet our runners up who would also be at home on the catwalk.

Apart from my obvious love of fashion, you might be wondering why I'm preoccupied with fancy, fashionable felines this week?

It's because now is you chance to be the ultimate stage cat mum/dad with an opportunity to have your pussycat star in a fashion shoot for Marie Claire magazine!

The marvelous mavens at Marie Claire are very purr-ticular about the cats they're looking for!

Here is their list:

*One white cat or kitten (preferably with short hair)

*One brown faced cat

*One orange cat (apparently they're hard to find)

*One black cat (long or short hair)

*One silver grey cat (short hair but puffy!)

*One bald cat!!

Okay if you have a cat that matches any of these descriptions (or you could have the Kate Moss of cats that is right out of the box!) please send an email to Jana Pokorny. Her address is

The shoot will be in Sydney on either Tuesday 29th or Wednesday 30 February.

Hopefully I can convince my Violet to sign up but she is being very demanding!

Not budging from my Petbarn bed for less than 10 thousand dollars a day!!

Not budging from my Petbarn bed for less than 10 thousand dollars a day!!