Botox: Part 2

Full face of work make-up plus wrinkly forehead!

Full face of work make-up plus wrinkly forehead!

I'm vain and an over sharer!

And in keeping with my telling it exactly as it is (sorry Petee) I recently had some jabs in my forehead, middle of my nose and around my eyes.

I fess up about getting Botox because I'm weary of people lying about having it done and trotting out that nonsense saying they look so fresh because of 'lots of sleep, drinking green juice and going on a cleanse so they can rid their body of toxins.' 

Yes, I know Botox is a toxin of sorts but I go to a qualified doctor to get my treatment done. He does a 'sprinkling' of injections, which also ensures that I don't end up with a scary frozen face!

Fresh- a week after Botox! (do you like the chandelier growing out of my head??)

Fresh- a week after Botox! (do you like the chandelier growing out of my head??)

Previously I've written in detail about the reasons I've had the jabs. It's purely because it makes me feel better and brighter. I have never felt I pressured to do it because of my television job.

This is not an endorsement for getting it done, it's simply an open declaration that I do it. Part of my open and honest philosophy. 

And even if I wasn't on the telly I would still indulge in those jabs. My husband along with some of my girlfriends think it's dumb that I have injections every few months.

My daughters know that I have it done. I explain to them that I'm just getting some of my wrinkles ironed out. 

Denise warns me not to end up looking like those freakish Hollywood women. She says many of those women have taken it too far because no one told them they loved them just as they were. 

I know she would stage an intervention if I get too carried away! 

As I did get a little over excited when plastic surgeon Dr Paul Nassif (star of Botched) appeared recently on Studio 10. 


Please know that I didn't realise the small hands bit- I was genuinely taken with his fine hands!!

Would love to go on a sneaky trip to LA to visit his clinic- purely for research purposes...

Let me know your thoughts on plastic fantastic, or perhaps not so fantastic!

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