Crap Housewife meets the REAL housewife Erika Jayne!

I'm obsessed with the Real Housewives franchise, especially the women from Beverly Hills!

Imagine my excitement when my favourite, Erica Jayne came along to Studio 10. I'm sure she momentarily thought I was demented when I bolted backstage to say hello and squeal at her glam squad before the interview.

My fan girling meant my hand was a little shakey for our selfie (or two-sie as Denise likes to call them since there is two of us in the picture). Erica is in a beautiful soft focus because of my joyful jitters.

Erica also kindly let me wear her Cartier panther knuckleduster during the interview. I don't think I have ever worn anything ever quite so sparkly. Who knew that panthers had green sapphires for eyes? She also says she likes cats AND said I could come and hang with her in Beverly Hills.

Look out Hollywood, I'm already hoarding my frequent flyer points!!