Easy lasagne

One of the many joys of my Studio 10 gig is meeting some fabulous chefs who show me how to make family-friendly, fool proof meals. Recently Will Stewart and Steve Flood came on the show to cook this easy lasagne. It's one of many recipes in their new cookbook, 'Will and Steve, home cook, aspiring chef.'

Ingredients: sausages (I used one packet of Italian supermarket sausos), tub of ricotta cheese, grated parmesan (I bought the already grated parmesan), one giant buffalo mozzarella, basil, fennel (I forgot to add this) lasagne sheets, jar of passata sauce, premade stock in those tetra packs.

Method: Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Okay, this is 'interesting'. You need to squeeze the mince out of the sausages. Why you might ask? And I did ask the fellas this question. The answer, the sausage mince is already seasoned and flavoured (saving you time and stuffing around). Add the mince to a warm pan, cook it, then add passata sauce and a good splash of the stock. Cook it for a little longer, but leave quite a bit of sauce (this will help the lasagne sheets cook). Then in an oven proof dish put down two lasagne sheets, then layer the mince, then put some ricotta, grated parmesan, grate some fennel (which I didn't do, as I forgot to buy it!) some of the mozzarella, plus a few basil leaves. Then layer upon layer with the pasta sheets, then mince, cheese, fennel and basil... Keep going for as long as you have ingredients and time! Then put your lasagne into the oven for 20-30 minutes. 

Success rate: Two out of four family members. Petee enjoyed it despite being rude about the sausage mince!!