Schnitzel, go the panko!

The panko crumb has changed my life! Since my darling friend Ding Dong introduced me to the wonders of the panko I now try to crumb everything (apart from my husband and the cats) I've found kids will eat anything smothered in crumbs.

Cooking with Denise and panko!


Pre-packaged schnitzel from the supermarket, flour, two eggs, panko crumbs, vegetable oil, butter.


Coat the schnitzel first in flour, then egg and finish off with the panko. The definitive Denise tip is to really get the palm of your hand into flattening the schnitzel/cutlets. It makes them grow to double in size! Heat your frypan with oil and add some butter as well. This combination has stopped my smoke alarm from going off.

Success rate:

Four out of four family members.

I've only just discovered that I need to turn my hot plate down. In my rush to get dinner ready my schnitzel frequently looked like this!

However with a combination of oil and butter and a much lower heat- WOW!

Presentation is everything! When you run out of paper towels use the left over fancy-pants napkins.