Holidays: Time To Disconnect!


— Leaping into the holidays!

I knew I was in strife when my mobile turned up in the fridge!

'Mummy, I heard this buzzing coming from somewhere!', said my eldest daughter. 

I had just arrived home from the hairdresser, sporting my bright pink 'holiday hair' and my fingers were feeling itchy since I hadn't been able to text for the past four hours.

'Oh sweetie pea, thank goodness you found it for me!', I said, stretching my hand out for my phone. Eager to suss out what messages and Insta mentions I had missed in the past couple of hours. 

My thumb pressed the heart icon on my favourite fashion, cat and unicorn accounts. 

'Mummmmmm, can you come outside and watch me skip?' asked my littlest girl.

'Soon my darling...'

I had been saying that a lot recently. Soon, I would watch my daughters play. Soon, I would reply to the emails of friends. Soon, I would organise a date night with my husband. Soon, I would sort out our home office. Soon, I would de-clutter my wardrobe. Soon, I would clean the kitty litter...

Everything was on a collision course. My mood was short, the laundry was pilling up even more than usual (I'm not a fan of the word 'normal'), and I had been counting the sleeps until holidays began. 

Like you I had this notion that once I had 'time' I could sort out my life and get organised. I'm not sure why I believed that time out was all I needed to sort out the chaos of my crazy, wonderful life. 

This year had been topsy turvy, I don't know why but it had been harder to keep everything on an even keel. It doesn't matter how hard we try, sometimes the planets can misalign so despite our best intentions everything can unravel.

I was determined to come up with some ways to make the next year, calmer and more manageable. 

How do you do that?

If only there was a simple, one size fits all answer to disconnect and get 'life' under control. 


Perhaps the way to do it is by taking small, manageable steps. And holidays are a way to experiment with ways of working out what works for you.  

For me, I'm going to be more disciplined about how I use my phone. Usually I turn it on the moment I wake up, and switch if off just moments before I go to sleep. 

Surely all that blue light isn't good for us and how we tune in or gear up for our day. 

Also I know that I waste a lot of time scrolling through social media, often I kid myself that it's for research purposes!

At last there were no more sleeps. The phone alarm wasn't going to be waking me up early for work tomorrow.

I had already moved my phone away from the bedside table and left it downstairs on the kitchen benchtop (not in the fridge!)

It was time to switch off, turn off, tune out and be in the moment! 

So, I’ve explained to friends and family what I'm going to do this summer is go free range by just checking my phone twice a day. Once in the morning (not the moment I wake up) and then after dinner each night.  

I’m going to get outdoors, away from the blue light of my phone and towards the sensation of feeling sand between my toes and water in my pink hair. 

I'd love to hear how you unwind and switch off during the holidays. What is your free range happy place? I need all the help that I can get!

This post is sponsored by Lilydale Free Range. #jointhefreerange