What Did You Do Today Mummy?

The glass is often half full in my world so I try to teach my kids the same approach by asking them about the best part of their day.

Frequently the answer is, "Going to the tuckshop..." instead of, "I am teaching myself how to play the baritone in between mastering the number line in math lessons." Today after getting the typical mumbled replies from the back seat of the car, I piped up from the front in a big voice, "Let me tell you ABOUT the BEST part of my day!" I was hypnotised and I believed I lost my belly button!

That is part of the joy of my job! In between talking about serious issues of feminism, multiculturalism, breast feeding and learning how to cook, there is also the chance to be hypnotised. I have fallen under the spell of "SLEEP" on two other occasions on Studio Ten.

I cannot believe that I was bossing around Aussie icon Ita Buttrose!

And I think Booker Prize winning author Thomas Keneally wasn't sure why he had agreed to be a part of our show. For me, working as part of the Studio 10 team is the best job I have ever had in the media! And there has been a number of them... I have made my way around all of the commercial networks and came home to Ten three years ago.